Assynt Crofters’ Trust
Ten years after the formation of the Trust, much has been learned and many more communities have taken control of local land.

The “Fling in the Fank” took the form of a Conference and Ceilidhs to celebrate our 10th Anniversary.

The Conference provided an opportunity to exchange views, consider current challenges and - of course - to celebrate the achievements of other communities and ours!  We had the hope that during this event those with valuable experience would pass on their thoughts to younger people too. That way the coming generations will be well prepared for taking a strong role in tackling important issues on behalf of their communities in the future. The Conference exceeded our expectations and proved a valuable platform for information exchange and networking.

The young people taking part benefited greatly from the experience which gave them the opportunity to present their thoughts and feelings to a wider audience, describing the problems and joys of living in a remote community.  The personal development side can not be ignored as these presentations had to be made to an audience made up of representatives of many differing organisations - not an easy thing to do when you are young.
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