Assynt Crofters’ Trust
The Assynt Crofters' Trust is the owner of the North Assynt Estate which consists of some 21,000 acres and includes the Townships of Torbreck, Achmelvich (part), Clachtoll, Stoer, Balchladich, Clashmore/Raffin, Culkein Stoer, Achnacharnin, Clashnessie, Culkein Drumbeg, Drumbeg and Nedd.

The Trust has enabled the ordinary people who live and work on the land to have some control over their own economic future.  The agreed purchase price for the total asset was £300,000 of which almost half was raised by the crofters and their supporters throughout Britain - indeed donations came from abroad, from some of those who traced their ancestry to Highlanders who had sought a new life in the Colonies during the dark days of the Clearances. The remainder of the purchase price came from public agencies, Sutherland District Council and Highland Regional Council in the form of grant and loan. A generous donation was given by the Highland Fund to assist with the initial administrative burden of the Trust.

Today the Estate is in the possession of the crofters, free of debt and administered by a Board of Directors elected by democratic vote by each of the thirteen townships making up the Estate who serve for three years.  

The Trust is managed on a day-to-day basis by four appointed Directors directly responsible to the main Board.  1. Director responsible for crofting administration.  2. Director responsible for administration and financial control.  3. Director responsible for building maintenance.   4.  Director responsible for external communications.

The full Board meets approximately once every two months.  All Board meetings are open to the public.
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